The air is still and quiet as you draw near to the ruins. These walls have stood for centuries, covered with tattered banners marking territory for a purpose no longer known. The place's name, along with nearly everything else about it, has been lost to time, and modern archaeology simply refers to the complex network of rooms and corridors as Flagstone.

Having conducted preliminary surveys and found nothing but flags and stone, researchers have abandoned Flagstone in favor of more promising sites. However, a few obscure medieval sources suggest that this labyrinth houses the mysterious Golden Orb of Galf—an artifact of which little is known and less is understood. Whispers in the back rooms of local antiquities dealers tell of supposed magical power. The antiquities dealers themselves assure you of its tremendous monetary value, in any case. To find such an artifact would certainly lead to fame and notoriety for the explorer.

And maybe that's why you came to Flagstone—to seek the prestige that finding the Orb would bring. Or maybe you're just a treasure-seeker looking for a fortune. Maybe you're interested in the magic, or you're a skeptic trying to win an ill-conceived bet with a friend. You might even just be interested in exploration. Whatever the reason, you came, and you now find yourself standing at the opening into the maze.

You are not the first one to enter Flagstone seeking the Orb. On your first step, your foot hesitates slightly, and your mind drifts to those who entered before you. You hope you won't fall victim to the same thing that ended their endeavors.

Enter Flagstone