Even with all our technology and the inventions that make modern life so much easier than it once was, it takes just one big natural disaster to wipe all that away and remind us that, here on Earth, we're still at the mercy of nature.
– Neil deGrasse Tyson

"Be a Man!" Said I, "You are scared out of your wits! What good is religion if it collapses under calamity? Think of what earthquakes and floods, wars and volcanoes, have done before to men! Did you think God had exempted Weybridge? He is not an insurance agent."
– H. G. Wells, The War of the Worlds

But soon a fierce storm came up. High waves were breaking into the boat, and it began to fill with water. Jesus was sleeping at the back of the boat with his head on a cushion. The disciples woke him up, shouting, "Teacher, don’t you care that we're going to drownContinue?"
– The Gospel of Mark

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But soon a fierce storm came up. High waves were breaking into the boat, and it began to fill with water.

Jesus was sleeping at the back of the boat with his head on a cushion. The disciples woke him up, shouting, "Teacher, don’t you care that we’re going to drown?"

When Jesus woke up, he rebuked the wind and said to the waves, “Silence! Be still!” Suddenly the wind stopped, and there was a great calm. Then he asked them, “Why are you afraid? Do you still have no faith?"

The disciples were absolutely terrified. "Who is this man?Continue" they asked each other. "Even the wind and waves obey him!"

The disciples were absolutely terrified. "Who is this man?" they asked each other. "Even the wind and waves obey him!"

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Scripture quotations are taken from the Holy Bible, New Living Translation, copyright ©1996, 2004, 2007 by Tyndale House Foundation. Used by permission of Tyndale House Publishers, Inc., Carol Stream, Illinois 60188. All rights reserved.

The lights flicker as you sit on a plaid couchDuck behind couch. You look up and notice the television Turn on Turn off directly across from you. The faded wallpaper behind it needs to be replaced. Rising, you notice the window Look out window Open window Close window to your right. The front door Go outside is beside the window, and across from the door is the coat closet.

You lift several cushions off the couch and surround your body with them. In the soft comfort of your new fort, you place your hands on your neck and tuck your forehead against your knees. You press a button on the side of the television. The screen flickers to life. The local news broadcaster sits behind his desk. A weather map swirls behind him. As you peer closer, you hear the man say, "A tornado has just touched on the ground. Please take shelter immediately if you are..." The list of nearby towns includes yours.

As you press the power switch, the reporter’s voice is cut off mid-sentence. There is a loud pop and then a hum as the television shuts down.

You look out the window. The sky is an eerie, blinding white-gray beyond the storm shelter. The storm shelter looks like an ancient anthill rising out of the carefully tailored lawn. Beyond the shelter, a grove of trees is swaying wildly in the wind. Undoing the latch, you ease the windowpane open. Humid air floods inside and your neck grows sticky. Disliking the humid air, you attempt to close the window. The fierce wind wrenches the pane from your hand and sends it flying against the side of the house. The glass shatters, spraying shards across the porch.

You step onto the porch. The rocking chair Pick up has fallen over, and is rattling in the wind. Beyond the porch, you see the storm shelterGo inside. It is an ugly mound of concrete and metal silhouetted against a pretty grove of trees.

Behind you, the front door Go inside remains open.

You reach for the armrest of the rocking chair and set it upright again. The wind forces it to scoot across the wooden floor. The rocking chair knocks against the banister, grating on your nerves.

The door creaks as you twist the metal handle. It has been a long time since you oiled the hinges. You quickly run down the steps. A collection of water bottles are gathered in one corner, covered in grime. You glance back up at the stairs as a sliver of gray sky pokes around the seams. Sighing, you realize the shelter door Close door Exit shelter did not quite shut behind you.

Hurrying back up the stairs, you grab the handle and attempt to force the door shut. It resists you as powerful gusts beat against the frame.

Pressure builds inside the room. Frightened, you flee to the nearby closet for extra protection and duck down on your knees. There is a terrible wrenching sound as the winds tear at your home. Wood cracks and splinters, flying through the air around you. One of the walls of the closet collapses. You try to scoot away and use a jacket as a shield, but plaster hits you on the head. As your eyes slowly close, you see the tornado nearing your hiding place. Then, everything fades awayContinue.

The wind has grown terrible in the time you’ve spent outside. It is difficult to move around. Looking up, you notice a funnel cloud spinning quickly behind the tree grove. You turn to find protection, but the tornado is moving too quickly. You stumble, loose your footing, and realize you are no longer on the ground. Trying to breathe, you are flung through the air in speeds you have never experienced before. The force hurts. Darkness creeps across your vision as you are carried far awayContinue.

Wind forces the shelter door open before you can yank it shut. Debris flies through the air, forcing you back against the metal wall. There is an awful ripping sound all around you. As you look up at the entrance, a tree strikes the storm shelter and causes the walls around the door to buckle. The wind whips around the tree, shifting it. A branch suddenly juts into the room as the tree is shifted by the tornado. The limb strikes you in the stomach. You topple backwards and touch your stomach. When you remove your hand it is covered in scarlet. Your surroundings begin to fade away as your mind is numbed by painContinue.

Seeking extra protection, you hurry to the closet. You hide in the darkness for a few excruciating minutes. Suddenly, the closet door opens. A complete stranger stands there and looks at you.

"Follow me," the man tells you.

Surprised and shocked, your jaw drops open as he takes your hand and leads you outside. The intense winds rip at your clothing as the tornado gets closer to your house. You are about to shout over the cyclone when the man holds up both of his hands. The whirlwind suddenly dissipates and, instead, a gentle breeze caresses your face.

All is still. Continue

You hear a repetitive wooden creak. Turning, you notice a man sitting in the rocking chair on the porch. He calmly watches the tornado as it rushes toward where you stand. You are about to tell him that you both need to get to safety, when he turns and looks at you. Immediately, you close your mouth and stare at him, startled by the serene assurance and power in his eyes.

"All will be well," he simply says. He points at the tornado.

Turning, you look across the lawn just as the cyclone spirals above the tree grove. The winds spread out and fade away. Everything becomes tranquil. Amazed, you look back at the man as he continues to glide back and forth in the rocking chair.

All is still. Continue

You try to close the storm shelter door, but it refuses to budge in the heavy gusts. Retreating farther back, you are surprised when a shadow appears in the doorway. Shielding your eyes, you look up and see a stranger standing there. There is a sickening ripping sound as something is torn out of the ground. As you watch, the man raises his arms and he catches the trunk of a full-grown tree. He gingerly sets it down.

"Come out," he tells you.

Obeying his words, you climb the storm shelter steps and go outside. The tornado is gone and the sun now shines brightly.

All is still. Continue

The storm arises suddenly as a wave crashes over the bow of the ship. Salt water splashes off the railing and hits you as you stand near the wheelChange course. Torrential rain pounds against the boat. A control panel Press button in front of the wheel beeps loudly. Directly across from you are the stairwell Go below deck and several winchesWrap rope around winchCrank winch. Ropes are carefully coiled beside the reels.

You spin the wheel rapidly. As you do, you turn the boat into a wave and force her to climb over the crest. You press the button on the front of the panel. The screen rolls through several displays. One option allows you to see the depth of the water below the boat. Another screen gives you your bearings so you can navigate correctly. Noticing how unruly the sails are, you wrap the rope around the reel. You hope the boom won’t continue ricocheting back and forth over the cabin. You pull out the wrench and place it in the socket on top of the winch. With the added leverage, you are able to control the rope despite the heavy tension.

You clutch the railing as you go down into the salon. On the port side is the kitchen. A bottle rolls around on the granite counter. On the other side of the salon a vibrant yellow catches your eye. It is your jacketPut onStick hand in pocket. The raincoat rests on the bench in front of the navigation table, which contains a map Open map and a compassLook at. A radio Turn on hangs on the wall above the table. Water sloshes on the floor through the front hatchClose hatch.

The stairwell Go on deck leads up.

Even though you are fairly soaked, you put on your rain jacket. The old zipper snags before closing. You secure the hood on top of your head. The extra layer of warmth is comforting. Absentmindedly sticking your hand in your pocket, you feel something. You fish it out and find an empty gum wrapper. You pull the map booklet out of the table. Closing the lid, you set the waterproof book on the bare table and riffle through the pages to try and recall what the terrain you saw looked like before the storm hit. You grit your teeth. Land should be nearby. You lift the compass out of the table and shift it from side to side. You feel a pang of regret as you recall that you never learned how to use it properly. Turning on the VHF radio, you adjust the frequency. Every station pops and crackles with static. Eventually, you find channel sixteen and try speaking into the handheld microphone. Nothing happens. You leap back as cold water crashes through the opening. Reaching up, you grab the gray plastic handle and pull it down. You slip the latches into place.

You stare up at the sky as a wave surges in front of the bow. The sky has never seemed farther away than it is now in the trough. Rain pounds your face as you cling to the wheel and prepare to climb another wave. The crest is too far away. As the boat begins to flip backward, the boom crashes to one side. It knocks your shoulder, sending you flying over the railing. You plunge into the water. The salt stings your eyes as you see the boat rudder leave the water near your head. The boat flips and drifts away from you as the ocean sweeps you down the breaking wave. Sea water fills your lungs. It is vile and you want to spit it out, but you know that will only hasten the inevitable. Your limbs begin to feel cold as you are tossed below the water. The surface is far away. You reach for it as the air in your lungs burns and then disappearsContinue.

Pitched from side to side, you attempt to move through the cabin. A large wave hits the starboard side. The boat rolls and you are knocked against the wall. An awful shattering sound rends the air. Bracing yourself against the salon table, you look around. The front of the boat is splintered and a jagged cliff face juts into the cabin. Another wave strikes the boat and you are flung against the rock. You hit your head and something warm and sticky oozes down over your ear. Water begins filling the cabin as the walls begin to split. You fall through the floor and the sea repeatedly beats you against the sharp rocks beneath what is left of the boat.Continue.

As a wave rises high over the boat, you brace yourself for the impact. Rain lashes at your face and you shudder from the bone-chilling cold. Your fingers have become numb as you cling to the railing. Gritting your teeth, you look up in time to see a stranger come from below deck. He studies you for a moment as you stare with wide eyes at him.

A compassionate smile lights up his features as he asks you, "Have you so little faith?"

Unable to respond to his question, you merely gawk at him as he walks unperturbedly toward the front of the boat. He raises his arms and the violent gales cease. The waters grow calm and you can see the string of islands you were sailing around. The man turns around and gazes into your eyes.

All is still. Continue

Water rolls across the floor as you try to move about the salon. Slipping, you catch the table and notice a stranger sleeping tranquilly on the table bench. You reach out and shake his shoulder. He awakes, feels the tumultuous seas shake the boat, notices the panicked look in your eyes, and rises. Taking your hand, he leads you above deck.

"Be still," he commands the boisterous gales and lashing waves.

To your utter amazement, the storm immediately halts. The day returns to the peaceful state it was in before the tempest struck. Your heart beats faster as you look at the man.

All is still. Continue

You awake in the morning, snug and content in your obsidian and emerald sleeping bagGet out. Staring up at the ceiling of your tentLeave tent, you reflect on how peaceful last night’s starry sky was before you put out the campfire. Turning, you notice your keys Take and your sweatpantsPut on.

You pull the side zipper of the sleeping bag and push the top flap back. Stretching, you crawl out of your portable bed. You your dingy, gray sweatpants over your pajamas even though the morning seems a little warmer than it should. You pick up your keys and stuff them in your pocket.

Unzipping the tentEnter tent’s flap, you step outside and stretch. The tent is stationed underneath a treeSwing on limbLook above. Across from you is the remains of last night’s campfireClean campfireLight fire. Beside that is your cooking pot Cook breakfast and coolerLoad into jeep. Parked beyond the campfire is your crimson jeepUnlockStartDrive away.

A large limb extends over your tent. You jump up, catch it, and swing back and forth, enjoying the thrill of the moment. Streams of black waver in the sky above the canopy. You realize the hot, dry air has a smokey scent. The hairs on the back of your neck rise as you realize a forest fire is rapidly spreading. Removing the stones you placed around the small pit you dug to contain the campfire, you throw them into the woods. Then, you kick the ashes to disperse the remains of the fire and prevent an unsupervised fire from starting. You pull the flint out of your backpack and strike it. Sparks land on the dry sticks and eventually cause them to erupt into flames. The pot still has some leftover stew in it. You reheat it over the open flames as your stomach grumbles. Hefting the blue cooler up, you slid it into your trunk. You unlock the jeep’s trunk. That will make it easier for you to load the jeep later. Sticking the key in the slot behind the wheel, you turn it. The ignition revs loudly and then starts. You remember that you really need to get the engine looked at when you get back home.
Pressing the gas pedal, the jeep lurches forward. You bounce with the sudden motion and brace yourself against the wheel. You turn the wheel and begin driving away Continue from the campsite.

You begin to feel dizzy as you look around the campsite. The air buckles and dances like a mirage. It feels like you are standing in a furnace. Something black and gray drifts across your vision as you collapse to your knees. Slowly, you realize it is ash flying through the smoke-filled air. Your lungs start to constrict. Coughing, you beat the ground with your curled fists. Looking up one last time, you see orange tongues lick the forest around your campsite. Your vision becomes hazy. Then, your eyes closeContinue.

A tree splits as you look up. The entire forest behind your tent is engulfed in flames. Quickly, you hit the gas. The jeep leaps forward. You are jostled about as you floor the pedal, knuckles ashen as you cling to the steering wheel. Fire quickly jumps from tree to tree around your jeep. A flame reaches forward and consumes the back of your vehicle. The sounds of an awful explosion reach your mind as fire races down the inside of your vehicle. A piece of sharp shrapnel slices the side of your neck just before the heat forces its way out of your windshield. The entire jeep ruptures into a fireballContinue.

The entire forest is alight around your campsite. You turn from side to side, frantically searching for a way out as smoke drifts over everything. Coughing, you cover your mouth. Your eyes itch and become watery. Giving the woods one final scan, you see a figure standing between the trees, surrounded by the flames.

"Come to me," he says, beckoning to you with his arm.

You hesitate as you notice the flames around him, but then cough and wheeze again. Running, you leap over the wildfire and join the stranger. As you stand beside him, you notice the forest is no longer ablaze. Instead, your heart begins to burn as you gaze at the man.

All is still. Continue

As you drive quickly through the blazing forest, you glance in your rearview mirror. The fire is quickly catching up to your jeep despite the rapid pace. After a moment, you also realize you see something else behind you. A stranger sits in the backseat and watches you. Your mouth goes dry as you try to think of a reason to reassure your unknown passenger that everything will be fine, but nothing comes to mind.

"Trust me to drive," the man suddenly tells you.

Assured by his calm tone, you brake the jeep and let him have the driver’s seat. As the jeep sets off again, you realize he is driving patiently through the woods. The fire soon surrounds the vehicle and heats the air like a furnace. Flames spit and hiss, but they do not touch the jeep. You arrive safely at the base of the mountain and look with wonder at the driver.

All is still. Continue

It has been a long morning in the office. After rubbing your eyes, you lean back in your chair and stare at your computer Lock screen Unlock screen screen. There is a notebook Flip through notebook Tear out page next to the keyboard. Nearby are a couple large filing cabinetsRetrieve fileReorder files, and to your left is a hallwayLeave cubical.

Tired of staring at your office work, you decide to lock the computer screen so no one can mess with your documents while you are away from your desk. Struck with new inspiration, you strike a few keys, unlock the computer screen, and add a few notes to the end of a document. Your boss is going to love these new suggestions. Glancing over the drawer labels, you open the third drawer and slide the files forward. Finally, you find the one labeled "Construction Projects" and pull it out. You toss it on your desk for later. As you are looking through the drawer, you notice three of the files are out of alphabetical order. You quickly reorganize them. Flipping through the pages, you come to the latest series of notes. They are minutes from your most recent office meeting about the newest project your team has been asked to tackle. Across from the meeting notes is a shopping list. You tear it out of the notebook and tuck it into your briefcase.

You step into the hallway. A string of cubicles Enter cubical runs along it. You are fortunate enough to have one that faces the outer wall, which is completely made of glass. The window Look out window offers you a glimpse of the outside world during the day. At the end of the hallway is a vending machine Get drink and the front door Go through door to the building.

Looking out the window, you gaze at the large hill. Your office building is built at the base of the rise. Absentmindedly, you touch the glass wall. You start and pull back. The window is definitely trembling. You click D4. The metal coil rolls with a slow whizz and the drink drops. You pull it out of the bottom slot. You notice that the plastic casing of the machine appears to be vibrating.

Stepping through the doorGo inside, you blink back tears. It is a very bright afternoon. You take in a deep breath. It is a lovely day. Near the office is a benchSit on bench. It is surrounded by trees and is one of your favorite spots to eat lunch.

Taking a seat on the wooden bench, you take time to look around Look around and enjoy the beautiful, hilly terrain surrounding the city.

The hairs on your neck rise as a rumbling sound descends from the crest of the nearby hill. A tremor passes under your feet and a fissure opens in the ground a few yards away.

A large tremor ripples through the entire office. Shaken and jarred, you notice the outer wall begin to buckle and the glass breaks. You hurry down the hallway, avoiding the falling shards. A crack appears in front of you. The carpet makes a sickening scream as the concrete below it pushes up through the tough fibers. Skidding to a halt, you are thrown forward. Filing cabinets line the nearby wall. One tips as the uneven floor shatters beneath it. You have just enough time to put your hands up to guard your head before the heavy metal case crashes against you. Now pinned to the floor, you realize your arm is broken. Pain grips your mind. Looking around, you notice a jagged aperture travel up the wall and across the ceiling. The roof begins to crumbleContinue.

To your horror, the ground around you rises and falls like ocean waves. Letting out a terrible sigh, the ground suddenly bursts. Backing away, you duck behind the trees surrounding the bench. Dust covers you. Spitting, you try to get the sediment out of your mouth as you rub your eyes and smear more dirt into your skin. Something rumbles nearby. Looking up, you see the hill by your office building roll forward. Trees, buildings, and anything in its path are demolished and carried with it. Turning, you start running as quickly as you can, but the earth soon casts a shadow over your form. The landslide rushes toward you. Sunlight disappears as black, brown, and gray soil drops around youContinue.

A shockwave ripples through the office. You collide with the wall, but manage to stay upright. The glass wall shatters as another tremor strikes the building. Managing to avoid the falling glass, you scamper down the hallway. The floor suddenly buckles, tossing you to the ground. You look up as a heavy filing cabinet tips forward. You throw your arms up to protect your face from the inevitable impact, but nothing happens. You look up. A stranger has his back against the cabinet, preventing it from falling on you.

"I will protect you," the stranger tells you.

The man gives you a warm, inviting smile and extends his hand to you. You gape at the outstretched hand while your heart thunders in your chest.

All is still. Continue

The land ruptures and convulses as you stumble behind the bench. Coughing and gasping in the dusty air, you finally see the trees and duck behind them for protection. Something that sounds like an avalanche rends the air. Frantically, you look around and see that the nearby hill is rolling forward. You begin sprinting, but the crusty mound is faster than you. Soon, a shadow passes over your head. You trip and are sent sprawling on the asphalt. Looking back, you see the ground tower above you. You also notice a figure step between you and the oncoming landslide.

"Trust me," the stranger tells you as he notices the fear flood your eyes.

The man raises his arms. The land not only stops but retreats to where it came from originally. Your body tingles, but these new feelings do not arise from the earthquake. The man turns and looks directly into your eyes.

All is still. Continue