No one remembers a time when the lamps were alight. Myths of the past speak of blazing fire, and a world bathed in light, but that time has long passed. Now darkness covers the land, and creatures of shadow rule.

No one takes the legends of old seriously. A world of light and warmth is too happy—too perfect—to actually exist. And regardless of whether it existed at some point long in the past, it certainly is lost now. The lamps are dead, the fires are out, and the dark is all that remains.

So say the people living in the darkness...

But they are wrong. You know better. And you have something they do not: fire. And with that, light and warmth. While most have given up on hope, there are a few who have not. These few studied the ancient ways, and found a light in the darkness. Fire still exists in the world, and can be drawn upon as a source of power. And with that power, the shadows can be lifted.

And today is a day of flame. You stand at the crossroads, and the paths to the seven lamps are before you. With each lamp you light, your power will grow and the grip of darkness will weaken. Light all seven lamps, and the darkness will be driven away. Light will return to the world.

But the darkness stands to oppose you. As you light the lamps, you will draw its attention, and if it catches you, it will ensnare you and purge the light from you. But do not fear; it cannot win. If you lose yourself to the darkness, return to a lit lamp, and you will be restored. You will not be overcome.

Lamplighter, now is the time of your labor.