Welcome to Harvestown

Harvestown is an open-ended game about growing a small farming community. There are no defined win or lose conditions. You do not control your villagers directly. Instead, you place farms and houses on the map, and villagers grow food on the farms and live in the houses.

Villagers store harvested food in their houses, and will return home to eat when hungry. The number above a house indicates how much food is stored there. If a villager returns home to eat and finds no food in the house, he will become inactive until another villager brings him some food.

Get more villagers by building more houses. After you place a house, villagers will chop down trees to construct the house. You can also designate locations for villagers to plant new trees.

To start the game, place one house. The first house is built automatically and comes with a starting supply of food. You should also place several farms near the house, so the villager can grow more food.


Place a farm f and click a grid square
Place a house h and click a grid square
Place a tree t and click a grid square
Delete a farm or house d and click a grid square
Scroll the map Right-click and drag
Adjust the game speed 1 2 3 4 (1 is real-time, 4 is very fast)
Volume controls m to mute, - and + to adjust up and down
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Press Esc to close this screen and begin!