Hive Talkin'

January 15, 2023

Photo of Hive algorithm notes on hex grid paper

wubba wub wub wub wub

The game for this year’s capstone AI project is Hive.

We on the AI testing team are actually well-familiar with the game. We started playing it in 2016. Three of us own a set (both the original and the pocket edition are great). We enjoy it and play occasionally, but none of us have studied the game in depth. I’m happy to now have the opportunity!

Hive is also more complex to implement compared to typical capstone games (such as last year’s Santorini). 2021’s game Node was similarly complex, but mostly in terms of state (many things to track) and actions (players have choices and can take multiple actions during a turn). Hive, on the other hand, requires careful design of data structures and algorithms to implement its movement rules efficiently. I’m curious to see how the student projects approach the problems. (But I’m having fun!)